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Ottawa, ON

I am an independent software development consultant, specializing in model-driven development with Eclipse technology, which has been a passion for the last ten years.  I am widely recognized for my high-quality output, timely delivery, and friendly and engaging manner.

I also happen to be a capable singer, performing sacred and secular works for choir and tenor solo from the renaissance to today.  If you are presenting vocal music in Ottawa, eastern Ontario, or west Québec, I can be your tenor.


An ad hoc record of Christian W. Damus's professional and personal activity.

Link to Documents in Papyrus Model Repositories

Christian W. Damus

Last time, we looked at searching for stuff in your Papyrus model repositories. What is better than searching for models and documents? Linking to them so that you don't have to search again.


The Kepler release of Papyrus has a facility for creating hyperlinks from shapes in diagrams to arbitrary documents in the local filesystem or anywhere on the Internet that is addressable by a URL. This is updated in the upcoming M2 milestone of the Luna release to support hyperlinking to documents in CDO model repositories. That's right, documents in model repositories. The Kepler release of CDO added support for storage of "file resources", text or binary, as CLOBs and BLOBs, respectively, in the database. As usual, I have recorded a short video demonstration of this new feature in action.

In brief, Luna M2 will have:

  • the Model Repositories view now shows all resources in your repository, including non-Papyrus models and file resources. You can create and edit file resources in this view
  • a refactored hyperlink dialog: all the different types of hyperlinks are now managed in a single tab, not in separate tabs
  • in the hyperlink dialog, browse currently connected repositories to select a file resource ("document") or even a Papyrus model to link
  • drag-and-drop documents and models from the Model Repositories view to a shape in a diagram to create hyperlinks
  • create hyperlinks (by browse or drag-and-drop) to resources in a repository from models in other repositories or the workspace
  • click a hyperlink in the pop-up action bar to open the linked document or model in the appropriate editor, opening the connection to the repository first, if necessary

See bug 415373 for the further details.